Preparing For Viewings & Photographs

Kerb Appeal – Look at your property from the outside, is the garden tidy? are the windows clean? Sometimes you can’t see these things when you live with them every day. It would be useful to ask a friend or someone that will give you an honest opinion on how your property looks inside and out. Most viewers think that if the outside looks bad, the inside will look bad. First impressions really do count, especially in this current climate.

De-clutter, De-personalise and Neutralise!!  - Have a sort out, the buyer has to be able to imagine living there. Maybe even begin to take down family photos, ornaments and wall hangings etc. Pack them up and store them away. This will be one less job for you when it comes to moving day. So many people often cannot see beyond what is presented to them at viewings. De-personalising your house will help, as buying a home is an emotional purchase as well as price driven.

Clear Entrance – Make sure there are no coats, bags and shoes etc in the entrance to the property. You need to make this area feel a spacious as possible.

Clean Kitchen – Make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink, no crumbs on the worktop. Clean the hob etc.

Make Beds – Tidy bedrooms. Make sure there are no clothes lying around. Store away toys and teddy bears in children's rooms. These rooms tend to be the smaller rooms in the house and they need to feel as spacious as possible.

Odours – If you have pets it may be a good idea not to have them in the house during the viewing. Open windows and air the house out. You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers.

Clean Carpets – You can hire carpet cleaners from supermarkets for around £50. This will make a huge difference to the appearance of the interior.

Fresh Paint – You can go as far as repainting your house. A small investment before you market the property will make a huge difference. Keep the colours neutral.

All these tips will help you. If you don’t have the time or the vision to do this you could always call in a ‘Home Stager, they can do all of this for you. Do an internet search and get some quotes.